The History Of 4 Iconic Cookies

Whether you have a natural sweet tooth or you prefer not to indulge too heavily into sweets and snacks, today you’re going a learn a few interesting things about 4 distinct types of cookies that are sure to make your mouth water.

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1. Chocolate Chip

The staple of all cookies in the United States and possibly worldwide, the famous chocolate chip was not the first cookie to be introduced to the US, however this cookie was crafted in 1938, when a chef had added chopped up pieces of a semi-sweet chocolate bar into cookie batter. Like a few entries in this list and numerous cookies worldwide, the chocolate chip cookie is one that has many variations to it, and remains today a top seller at bakeries and for cookie delivery near LA services, and won’t be leaving anytime soon.

2. Peanut Butter Cookie

The next cookie is without a doubt one of the best tasting, however if you have a peanut allergy it would be best to avoid this treat. Peanut butter cookies are older than chocolate chips, dating back to 1910 these cookies used actual peanut chunks from peanuts. Peanut butter wasn’t added until the 1920s, along with the famous crisscross design that came in the late 1930s.

3. Oatmeal Raisin Cookie

While this cookie has ties dating back to middle age Scotland, the modern oatmeal cookies we know today come from the United States in the late 19th century. These cookies were said to have been healthier for the human body due to the oatmeal and raisins but it was quickly found they contained as much health benefits as chocolate chip cookies. The original recipe from 1896 did not include raisins, however they became a quick staple in oatmeal cookies.

4. Brownies

Probably the best on the list, it isn’t your traditional circular cookie, rather it’s referred to as a sheet cookie, as brownies are typically made like a sheet, thickness is determined by what brand you buy. Brownies can also be sold as the traditional cookie shape. While the brownie word didn’t enter the cookbooks until 1896, it was said that a Chicago socialite in 1983, had asked a pastry chef to craft a cake like a pastry but smaller then a cake. What makes a brownie cake so suitable is that it can be used in other forms of delicious desserts, typically ice cream, and it can also have many different ingredients added to spice up the flavor, like chocolate chips, peanut butter, and even cream cheese. There is also a blondie variation that uses vanilla instead of cocoa.

These are four types of delicious cookies popular in the US, it is important to note that multiple cookie or dessert places offer their own unique style of cookies, often times using their own perfected ingredients and styles of cooking that help distinguish the flavor.

If you aren’t already in the kitchen looking at your cookbooks or you may not be the baking type, visit a local bakery or look online for a cookie delivery service in your area.

Choosing Where to Eat With Family And Friends

We have all heard the jokes around trying to find out where your family should go to dinner. Whether it’s you and your spouse, you and your friends, or everyone in between, you may be looking at as many options as possible when it comes to determining how you want to find the best food to eat. Have you been thinking about Green Mill Restaurant & Bar, fast food places, or anything in between? Why is it so hard for us to sort out what we want to eat?

Why We Have Problems With Choice

The fact is, American couples spend 5+ days every single year trying to figure out where to eat. The reason is this: While we all say that we want to have a lot of choices, if we have too many choices, it makes it that much more difficult for us to sort out what we are going to want to eat. This is referred to as overchoice, and all sorts of professionals have written about it. The fact is, our minds can’t always process that many choices and, because of that, the whole process ends up shutting our brains down and making it hard for us to finally come to a decision as to whether or not we should eat at a particular place.

Why Does Food Seem to Be the Worst to Choose?

There are a handful of reasons that food seems to be the worst offender when it comes to making these decisions, but it’s mainly because we want to be sure that everyone is happy with a food choice. Many of us would feel bad if we went somewhere and someone we cared about wasn’t able to find food that they enjoyed. And, no one wants to spend money on food that they don’t really care for. So, we hesitate and try to determine what may be best for everyone, which causes delays.

Green Mill Restaurant & Bar overchoice

How to Solve The Issue

So, how can you solve it? There are a few ways to look at the issue. Some people gamify it. Others will take turns. Others have a checklist where, if they have gone somewhere in the past two weeks, it gets knocked off of that list. You have to find the way that works best for you and that allows you and your spouse to sort out what it is that you may want to eat. It takes time to really decide between sushi and burgers, but once you get into a rhythm that works for you, you’ll find that it’s easier to make the decision.

Look into your options and figure out what works best for you and your family, your spouse, or whoever else. You want to be sure that you look at all of your options and see what is going to work out the best for you. When all is said and done, that will be what helps you to make a decision and ensure that you’ve got what you need in order to make a decision quickly and with as little stress as you can.

Party Planning For Large Parties And Events

Running an event for a small group of people or a large group of people will require a specific set of skills and data to become a success.  For those looking to host a corporate event catering near Minneapolis should really pay attention to some of these tips.  They will be informative and give you a stat for a catering blueprint.

Is the event formal or informal?

Catering different types of events start with the formality of the event.  For what is known as a black-tie affair the food, décor, and the overall theme of the event needs to be upper class.  These events are typically held at night, in a hotel, ballroom or other professional venue.

For more informal events, hold a catered event in an office conference room, outside venue or general location.  These events will typically have simple foods such as sandwiches, salads and chicken or beef.  An informal event is possibly easier to host but still require preparation and time.

Are the guests attending local or will they be coming from out of town?

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Knowing about your guests and where they are coming from and the reason they will attend can help you in design choices and expectations. An example if you guests are all coming from a different state finding a local cuisine to serve may spice up you event.

What are their dietary needs?

Not everyone will want to eat the same foods as well as have different dietary needs.  Some people may be diabetic, have allergies to specific foods and will have to have something that fits into this diet.  Leaning about and keeping these details in mind can help in developing some great menu options.

Source local foods

When creating a menu try to source local foods. If you are near the ocean try local fish, shrimp and other seafood options. In the mountains try some more game meats. When sourcing local foods you will have the freshest foods and a treat for your out of town guests since they will be getting something they can’t from home.

Know your guest’s hierarchy

As part of the event planning process knowing how people interact with each other will help in the seating process of the event.  Knowing who they are, what they do and for formal events can be used to set specific and special table settings and markers on the table.  Knowing this will also help keep conflicts to a minimum or out of the event all together.

Specific attire for the event

Finally knowing if those who will attend to host the party will need to wear specific colors, uniforms and more will ensue that the event falls into the required theme.  Having someone who doesn’t match can really put a damper on specific events.

Working on different events over time you will learn what to do, what shortcuts work best and more.  Writing down detailed information on the different events that you do and taking photos will help in reproducing these events in the future.

5 Affordable Ways to Stay in on a Friday Night

Most people look forward to Friday night. They’re off from work for a couple days and many people want to live life to the fullest during that time. But for many others, nothing sounds better on Friday night after a long week than a relaxing and fun night inside. Take a look at the easy and affordable way to spend Friday night in without any regrets.

1.    Rent a Movie: Redbox has replaced Blockbuster videos and streaming service is also an option. However you prefer to rent, movie night in is always fun, especially if you arrange for pizza delivery round rock tx as well.

2.    Board Games: Everyone in the family can get in on the fun that a board game offers to them. What do you like to play? Schedule a Friday night board game fun day with the family.

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3.    Art & Crafts: What type of arts and crafts do you enjoy? Are you a painter? A drawer? Love to knit? No matter what tickles you fancy, you can get started on a fun arts and crafts project alone or with the family when you want something to do.

4.    Indoor Picnic: An indoor picnic is a fun idea that keeps the mosquitos and heat off your neck but provides the fun time and memories that you want to make with the special people in your life. It’s up to you to decide how the party goes- plan the picnic and create a family tradition.

5.    Sleep: Okay, so this technically isn’t doing anything ‘fun’ by most people’s standards, but if you are tired, overworked, and exhausted, maybe nothing is better than catching a few hours of shuteye or simply relaxing on Friday night.

How will you spend your Friday night? There are so many awesome ideas.

Great Things to Experience in a New City

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There are so many things that work to define a specific location in America. The sights and sounds in key parts of a locale can be quite different from some place around the corner. Vacationers visiting a new city should look for interesting things to see and do. Culinary enthusiasts or foodies may want to schedule an italian market tour philadelphia pa excursion.

This is a way to truly experience this city and sample its cuisine. It doesn’t matter which city your select there will be landmarks and points of interest to visit. Philadelphia is like many large cities in that there is a lot to explore here. Individuals, couples, and families from around the world come here to enjoy historic attractions, museums, and much more.

Select an Exciting Tour

Many visiting the city for the first time will want to explore it more. This often means finding an exciting tour to participate in. The internet serves as a tool for finding available tours. Some of these may be associated with seasonal activities. Purchasing tickets for everyone in your group can be done online and in advance of your trip.

Sample Local Cuisine

Those with culinary interests will enjoy sampling local fare. At the same time, it can be interesting to taste dishes that are connected to different parts of the world. Tours that visit these destinations offer great things when it comes to fare. You may get to experiment with items you haven’t had before. This is another approach to exploring Philadelphia.

It doesn’t take the average visitor or vacationer long to realize that there is a lot to do and see here. Philadelphia is known for its historic sites and tourist attractions. Included in these are restaurants that display the diversity of the city. Tours that highlight these locations, such as those focusing on Italian stops can be a lot of fun. This is a terrific way to experience any new city.

Planning The Reception For Your Wedding

The big day has finally come and everything is perfect – the dress, the venue, everything.  After walking down the aisle and saying your vows the guests head off to the reception where a great feast awaits them. 

When designing your wedding the food is going to be what makes your event stand out.  This is why wedding catering chesterfield mo is a part of the business that caterers look forward to and work on perfecting each year.  When designing the menu and the reception here are some tips and tricks that you can consider.


When waiting for the main course to be served the bride and groom are taking pictures with friends, family and others.  It is at this time you will want to serve appetizers and beverages.  Designing the appetizer menu should be simple and cut the hunger of your guests.  Nothing heavy should be served that would take away from the main course.  Fruit and vegetable platters are common with an assortment of cheese and crackers.  Breads are oaky but not too many since they are filling. 

The idea behind the appetizer course is to engage socialization.  Finger foods and sally based foods that encourage drinking should be the main focus.  Don’t do too many options but a light selection of finger foods will be great.

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When starting the reception have some casual music playing.  This is typically handled by the bride and groom but the DJ should have a mixture of styles to encourage people to interact.  Nothing that is too loud or distracting.

Flow of the line

With most receptions having a lot of people trying to get something to eat can be cumbersome.  This is why a flow should be designed into the reception.  Create multiple stations where people can have access to the same options.  Let people have access to all sides of a table as well.  And finally have the bar far enough away from the food that those crowding waiting for a beverage don’t interfere with those just looking for food.

Throwing The Hottest Summer Party

Summer is the best time of year to get out there and party with your friends.  Spending some time on the beach, heading to a movie or just lounging around the pool are all great ways to enjoy the company of others.  Another great way is to throw a party.  The party can be simple or take advantage of professionals for bbq catering loudoun county va.  A BBQ is a classic that everyone will love. Here are some other tips for those looking to step up their summer party.

Keep it simple

When planning a party people don’t want it to be complicated.  What I mean by this is that don’t make them have to think about what to bring, what to wear or how to act.  When it comes to a party the entire purpose is to just have fun and let lose.

Have a variety of music

Music should be played in the background to give a sense of atmosphere.  Songs from the radio are great but you don’t want the tunes interrupted with a lot of commercials or endless chatter.  CD’s and tapes are best.  This way you can easily switch out songs and keep the beats fresh.  For those that have computers hooking up some great sounding speakers and running through your MP3 list will allow you to have the ultimate collection anyone can jam to.

No Glass

bbq catering loudoun county va.

When throwing a party plastic is the king.  When we have plastic forks, spoons, cups and plates the likelihood of something getting broken and cutting someone is greatly diminished.

The food

Food is what makes the party, next to the alcohol that is.  When deciding on food many people will BBQ or grill out.  Having burgers, hot dogs and potato salad are great options but look for a place that will cater your affair.  The price may be cheaper or the same as if you were to cook it yourself, but with a catered party you can have a wide variety of food and everyone can just eat and enjoy.

Benefits Of Having Entertainment When You Eat

Eating can either be a social experience or a solitary one.  When we eat alone the meal typically involves something from a fast food restaurant or a delivery service.  This is fine and we all have the need for that double bacon cheeseburger fix at two a.m. but for a more social experience going out is a great choice.  When we go out we want to find the desired atmosphere for our mood, looking for restaurants with live music overland mo is a great option and here’s why.

Helps with the social experience

When we go to restaurants and there is music playing it sets a relaxing mood for eating.  Depending on the song that is playing those in the restaurant can relate can share the experience sending off a soothing vibe that radiates through everyone.

Helps with digestion

restaurants with live music overland mo

When we are relaxed and enjoying the moment the music will help with digestion.  Too often we eat in hurried tones.  Grabbing something quick and scarfing it down so we can get back to work or because we are just on the move isn’t a healthy way to eat.  When we eat like this our food doesn’t digest properly.  The best way to digest food is to sit and relax for fifteen or twenty minutes after consuming a meal. 

Can be romantic

When going to a restaurant that has music the atmosphere created can be considered romantic.  Gazing into each other’s eyes over candlelight, the soft music playing in the background accompanied by a glass of wine helps create a romantic mood.  Having a romantic dinner for a birthday, anniversary or just because will help ignite and spice up a relationship.

Can just be fun

When we go and listen to music it can just be a fun experience.  The energy levels are raised, the interaction with people set a tone for the evening and while we are carried away the problems and stresses of our lives can be forgotten for a few hours.

5 Reasons to Eat More Seafood

Eat more seafood and you’ll enjoy so many benefits to your health and overall well-being. Think it isn’t true? Think again. The five reasons to eat more seafood listed here are a few of the many good reasons to add seafood to your menu as often as possible.

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Lose Weight

Do you want to shed a few pounds? It may seem impossible to lose weight until you add seafood to your diet and eliminate red meat and some of the other foods that you currently eat. Seafood items such as fish and shrimp can help decrease your weight.

Seafood is Delicious

Have you tasted fish, lobster, crab, or other seafood items lately? The taste is unlike anything you’ve ever had before or ever will again. No matter who you are, seafood tastes great and it’s good for you.

Good for Your Heart

Seafood is high in omega-3 fatty acids which protects your heart cardiovascular health. It is important to protect your heart. This is especially true for women because heart disease is the number one killer for women.


You can prepare seafood at home or you can head out for a bite to eat at one of the seafood restaurants in Plano. It’s your choice. Seafood is easy to prepare; just get a few recipes and you are good to go.

Alleviate Depression

Depression affects thousands of people in Plano. They take medications and make lifestyle changes to aid in depression relief. Another way to put an end to depression is by adding seafood to you menu.

The Last Word

There are many reasons to eat seafood, including the reasons above. Don’t wait any longer to eat seafood and enjoy the perks we’ve talked about here and so many others.

Experiencing Coffee From Around The World

Coffee is the morning drink of many people around the world.  As such each culture has a different way of brewing and consuming coffee.  For those that love coffee, fair trade coffee michigan vendors offer a selection that will entice any coffee drinker.

Brewing coffee

When it comes to brewing coffee we want to brew it slowly.  This is why coffee percolates before dripping into the coffee craft.  It is through this slow brewing process that the water has time to cook the beans and then absorb the flavors.  If we brew coffee too quickly our coffee will be too watery.

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Mixing coffee

With all of the different brands and styles of coffee the process of mixing the grounds together into a custom blend is very popular.  For instance mixing a Columbian blend with a fruitier flavor will create a unique hybrid coffee.  Combining several different blends together will also create something that is unique.  Just remember what it is you crated before moving on.

Filtered water

When brewing your coffee consider bypassing the tap and go for a more pure water.  Using filtered water, ionized waters and other types of water may impact the flavor in the brewing process.  When we use water in our drinks, especially coffee, the flavors and aromas contained within these waters will transfer over.  This is why it is important to make sure you use the best water possible for the best results.

Iced Coffee

Iced coffee is another way to drink it.  With ice coffee you will get a totally different experience than drinking it hot.  To make ice coffee, brew as normal and then let it get cold.  When cold pour it over ice to make a delicious treat.

Adding additives

When creating adding additives such as syrups, sugars, whipped cream and more will help to create a m ore desert flavor to your coffee.

When it comes to making and drinking coffee, take your time and experiment.  You never know what you will create.