The History Of 4 Iconic Cookies

Whether you have a natural sweet tooth or you prefer not to indulge too heavily into sweets and snacks, today you’re going a learn a few interesting things about 4 distinct types of cookies that are sure to make your mouth water.

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1. Chocolate Chip

The staple of all cookies in the United States and possibly worldwide, the famous chocolate chip was not the first cookie to be introduced to the US, however this cookie was crafted in 1938, when a chef had added chopped up pieces of a semi-sweet chocolate bar into cookie batter. Like a few entries in this list and numerous cookies worldwide, the chocolate chip cookie is one that has many variations to it, and remains today a top seller at bakeries and for cookie delivery near LA services, and won’t be leaving anytime soon.

2. Peanut Butter Cookie

The next cookie is without a doubt one of the best tasting, however if you have a peanut allergy it would be best to avoid this treat. Peanut butter cookies are older than chocolate chips, dating back to 1910 these cookies used actual peanut chunks from peanuts. Peanut butter wasn’t added until the 1920s, along with the famous crisscross design that came in the late 1930s.

3. Oatmeal Raisin Cookie

While this cookie has ties dating back to middle age Scotland, the modern oatmeal cookies we know today come from the United States in the late 19th century. These cookies were said to have been healthier for the human body due to the oatmeal and raisins but it was quickly found they contained as much health benefits as chocolate chip cookies. The original recipe from 1896 did not include raisins, however they became a quick staple in oatmeal cookies.

4. Brownies

Probably the best on the list, it isn’t your traditional circular cookie, rather it’s referred to as a sheet cookie, as brownies are typically made like a sheet, thickness is determined by what brand you buy. Brownies can also be sold as the traditional cookie shape. While the brownie word didn’t enter the cookbooks until 1896, it was said that a Chicago socialite in 1983, had asked a pastry chef to craft a cake like a pastry but smaller then a cake. What makes a brownie cake so suitable is that it can be used in other forms of delicious desserts, typically ice cream, and it can also have many different ingredients added to spice up the flavor, like chocolate chips, peanut butter, and even cream cheese. There is also a blondie variation that uses vanilla instead of cocoa.

These are four types of delicious cookies popular in the US, it is important to note that multiple cookie or dessert places offer their own unique style of cookies, often times using their own perfected ingredients and styles of cooking that help distinguish the flavor.

If you aren’t already in the kitchen looking at your cookbooks or you may not be the baking type, visit a local bakery or look online for a cookie delivery service in your area.