Party Planning For Large Parties And Events

Running an event for a small group of people or a large group of people will require a specific set of skills and data to become a success.  For those looking to host a corporate event catering near Minneapolis should really pay attention to some of these tips.  They will be informative and give you a stat for a catering blueprint.

Is the event formal or informal?

Catering different types of events start with the formality of the event.  For what is known as a black-tie affair the food, décor, and the overall theme of the event needs to be upper class.  These events are typically held at night, in a hotel, ballroom or other professional venue.

For more informal events, hold a catered event in an office conference room, outside venue or general location.  These events will typically have simple foods such as sandwiches, salads and chicken or beef.  An informal event is possibly easier to host but still require preparation and time.

Are the guests attending local or will they be coming from out of town?

corporate event catering near Minneapolisballroom or other professional venue

Knowing about your guests and where they are coming from and the reason they will attend can help you in design choices and expectations. An example if you guests are all coming from a different state finding a local cuisine to serve may spice up you event.

What are their dietary needs?

Not everyone will want to eat the same foods as well as have different dietary needs.  Some people may be diabetic, have allergies to specific foods and will have to have something that fits into this diet.  Leaning about and keeping these details in mind can help in developing some great menu options.

Source local foods

When creating a menu try to source local foods. If you are near the ocean try local fish, shrimp and other seafood options. In the mountains try some more game meats. When sourcing local foods you will have the freshest foods and a treat for your out of town guests since they will be getting something they can’t from home.

Know your guest’s hierarchy

As part of the event planning process knowing how people interact with each other will help in the seating process of the event.  Knowing who they are, what they do and for formal events can be used to set specific and special table settings and markers on the table.  Knowing this will also help keep conflicts to a minimum or out of the event all together.

Specific attire for the event

Finally knowing if those who will attend to host the party will need to wear specific colors, uniforms and more will ensue that the event falls into the required theme.  Having someone who doesn’t match can really put a damper on specific events.

Working on different events over time you will learn what to do, what shortcuts work best and more.  Writing down detailed information on the different events that you do and taking photos will help in reproducing these events in the future.