Experiencing Coffee From Around The World

Coffee is the morning drink of many people around the world.  As such each culture has a different way of brewing and consuming coffee.  For those that love coffee, fair trade coffee michigan vendors offer a selection that will entice any coffee drinker.

Brewing coffee

When it comes to brewing coffee we want to brew it slowly.  This is why coffee percolates before dripping into the coffee craft.  It is through this slow brewing process that the water has time to cook the beans and then absorb the flavors.  If we brew coffee too quickly our coffee will be too watery.

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Mixing coffee

With all of the different brands and styles of coffee the process of mixing the grounds together into a custom blend is very popular.  For instance mixing a Columbian blend with a fruitier flavor will create a unique hybrid coffee.  Combining several different blends together will also create something that is unique.  Just remember what it is you crated before moving on.

Filtered water

When brewing your coffee consider bypassing the tap and go for a more pure water.  Using filtered water, ionized waters and other types of water may impact the flavor in the brewing process.  When we use water in our drinks, especially coffee, the flavors and aromas contained within these waters will transfer over.  This is why it is important to make sure you use the best water possible for the best results.

Iced Coffee

Iced coffee is another way to drink it.  With ice coffee you will get a totally different experience than drinking it hot.  To make ice coffee, brew as normal and then let it get cold.  When cold pour it over ice to make a delicious treat.

Adding additives

When creating adding additives such as syrups, sugars, whipped cream and more will help to create a m ore desert flavor to your coffee.

When it comes to making and drinking coffee, take your time and experiment.  You never know what you will create.