What Is Your Take On The Great Pizza Debate?

Out of all the foods we eat no other food has raised such a debate across the country and the world than pizza.  The debate begins with its origins.  Does pizza come from Italy or does it come from another part of the world?  Is it considered a pizza if you have red sauce, white sauce, or no sauce?  No matter what your stance is on pizza here are some points to ponder as you decide on which is best.

Fresh verses Frozen

Our debate starts with the question of fresh or frozen.  For those who say that pizza needs to be freshly made, the dough kneaded and tossed into the air will tell you that having a frozen pizza is against the law.  Others that love the convenience of tossing a pizza into the oven, taking a shower and coming down to a hot meal will say that there is no difference between fresh and frozen.

Thin Crust or Hand Tossed

The debate continues with the discussion of thin crust or traditional hand tossed pizza.  Many will say thin crust is better.  It is lighter and not as doughy.  For those that like a thin-crust frozen pizza they can get their wish in many varieties.

For the lovers of hand tossed pizza they are still all the rage and will allow pizza lovers to enjoy the traditional pizza experience.


The world of toppings will probably start a barroom brawl.  Through the generations of pizza makers almost everything you can think of has been put on a pizza at one point or another.  The traditional toppings for a pizza include, cheese, pepperoni, sausage and mushrooms.  For a more modern flare on pizzas people are not turning to chicken, Philly cheese steak and even pineapple.

Brick oven or traditional oven

Once we have our pizza how do you want to cook it?  The first way to cook a pizza is through the fires created from a brick oven.  Brick ovens will cause a lot of smoke which too many is very desirable in the overall flavor of their pizza.  However, brick ovens are becoming a thing of the past.  Replaced by traditional and high speed commercial ovens.

tossed into the airthin-crust frozen pizza

Who makes the best pizza?

Taking the debate to the streets the next point of contention is who makes the best pizza?  Typically no matter who you ask they will say the pizza in their area.  However, if you were to travel the country tasting one single pizza from each state and then comparing them to each other, what do you think people would say is the best pizza?

Those in the North East would probably say New York.  A little farther west Chicago would probably top the list.  More towards the middle of the country would be Denver Colorado and all the way on the islands of Hawaii the great Honolulu tops the list.

When it comes to pizza the great debate will rage on forever.  It will come down to your personal choice mood.  No matter what you think or where you get your pizza, the exploration for finding the best is a journey worth taking.