Planning The Reception For Your Wedding

The big day has finally come and everything is perfect – the dress, the venue, everything.  After walking down the aisle and saying your vows the guests head off to the reception where a great feast awaits them. 

When designing your wedding the food is going to be what makes your event stand out.  This is why wedding catering chesterfield mo is a part of the business that caterers look forward to and work on perfecting each year.  When designing the menu and the reception here are some tips and tricks that you can consider.


When waiting for the main course to be served the bride and groom are taking pictures with friends, family and others.  It is at this time you will want to serve appetizers and beverages.  Designing the appetizer menu should be simple and cut the hunger of your guests.  Nothing heavy should be served that would take away from the main course.  Fruit and vegetable platters are common with an assortment of cheese and crackers.  Breads are oaky but not too many since they are filling. 

The idea behind the appetizer course is to engage socialization.  Finger foods and sally based foods that encourage drinking should be the main focus.  Don’t do too many options but a light selection of finger foods will be great.

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When starting the reception have some casual music playing.  This is typically handled by the bride and groom but the DJ should have a mixture of styles to encourage people to interact.  Nothing that is too loud or distracting.

Flow of the line

With most receptions having a lot of people trying to get something to eat can be cumbersome.  This is why a flow should be designed into the reception.  Create multiple stations where people can have access to the same options.  Let people have access to all sides of a table as well.  And finally have the bar far enough away from the food that those crowding waiting for a beverage don’t interfere with those just looking for food.